The Bee Bar


This one is delicious in its simplicity.  Take a basic goats milk soap and add honey....LOTS of honey!  Good for dry skin and good for sensitive skin.  No fragrances, no colors or dyes, just pure genius.

MADE WITH THE FINEST ingredients raised on our farm.  Raw goats milk, rainwater collected from the barn and pure essential oils harvested directly from flowers and herbs.  Enjoy the lather, and the smooth silky feeling that moisturizing goats milk leaves on your skin.

Want to make your hand made soap last, and last, and get the idea!  Get the last little bit from every bar and enjoy a gentle scrub from a natural Ramie Soap Saver.  When you are done, stylishly store your soap and drain off excess water with a Cypress Wood Soap Dish.  Made in Texas.

INGREDIENTS:  Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sustainable Palm Oil, Goats Milk, Rainwater, Lye, Honey, Pure Essential Oils and Natural Colors.

We pride ourselves on the hand made nature of our craft.  Our products are made in small batches and may reflect minor variances in size, shape, color or scent.  We make everything on our farm in Sherman, Texas 2x2x1 inches 2 oz (56g) Net Weight