Ramie Soap Saver


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What IS a Soap Saver? It is a little bag that you use like a washcloth while it holds tiny pieces of soap, or one big bar, and helps you work up a nice lather.  Soap Savers became popular during the Great Depression when it was extremely important to conserve and get the most from all of your resources.  Little pieces of soap, too small to use on their own, were lumped together and used to the very last drop.  Our Soap Saver is made from the natural and extremely ancient plant fiber called Ramie.  Fortunately for us it is ever so slightly exfoliating without being scratchy.

Like our sea sponges, it is best to allow your Soap Saver (and your soap) air dry in between uses.  To clean, thoroughly rinse out all traces of the soap before wringing your Soap Saver out and letting it air dry. Do not machine wash or dry.

5x6x.25 inches Net Wt .5 oz (14g)