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Seven Points of Light

This diffuser bracelet features seven gem and mineral stones representing the seven energy centers of the Chakra framed by Indian Sandalwood beads.  Mindful focusing on these primary points of energy helps to remind us to take care of ourselves for ourselves, and for those we love.

OBSIDIAN (Root Chakra) Mantra: I am strong, supported and abundant

ORANGE AVENTURINE (Sacral Chakra) Mantra: I am the creator of my entire reality

TIGERS EYE (Solar Plexus Chakra) Mantra: I am worthy of pursuing my passion and purpose

MALACHITE (Heart Chakra) Mantra: I am love, I give love, I am open to love

GREEN AVENTURINE (Throat Chakra) Mantra: I speak with clarity and intention

LAPIS LAZULI (Brow or Third Eye Chakra)  Mantra: I am in connection with my spirit

SUGILITE (Crown Chakra) Mantra: I honor the divine within and around me


Directions: Apply a single drop of synergy oil to one or as many Sandalwood beads as desired. Let the oil thoroughly soak in before wearing. To change oil types, leave the bracelet in a warm sunny location to evaporate the previous oil application.

Available in Medium 7 inch

The beads on this bracelet are 8mm. The bracelet is bound together with a strong 1 inch elastic which is not indestructible, but able to withstand most average wear and tear.

We are happy to resize or restring any bracelet free of charge. You are responsible for return shipping or drop off and pickup at our farm.

We package each bracelet in a cotton muslin bag stamped with our logo making it ready for gift giving.

We pride ourselves on the hand made nature of our craft. Our products are made in small batches and may reflect minor variation in size, shape, color or scent. We make everything from scratch on our farm in Sherman, Texas.



Keep out of reach of children and pets. Beads are a choking hazard.

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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 1 in


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