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Any of our items can be picked up locally at our farm stand in Sherman, Texas but some items like our Fresh Eggs, Fresh Produce or Market Bouquets cannot be shipped.  If you choose free pick up you can do so any Saturday 8a-12 or at your convenience. After your order is received, I will email you a phone number that you will text the day before you come. Your order will be waiting in our special pick up area at the farm stand.  We look forward to meeting you!


This listing is for half a dozen (6) uniformly large size eggs.


Farm fresh eggs are unlike any you can get at the store. The yolk is more yellow and firm, and the shell is stronger. This comes from the hen’s free range diet and habitat. Our hens are fed a daily vegetarian ration, they browse for themselves amongst our trees and pastures, and they get many fresh vegetables from our gardens. So far their favorite veggies are cherry tomatoes but they also adore blackberries and watermelon. We keep an eclectic mix of beautiful heritage birds and interesting egg layers and we love their different personalities. Our goal isn’t to pump out as many eggs as possible, but to enjoy their presence and funny antics around the farm.

Here is a list of breeds in our flock:

Black Copper Marans, Buff Orpingtons, Crested Cream Leg Bar, Dark Brahmas, Easter Eggers, Laced Wyandottes, Mille Fleurs, Olive Eggers, Salmon Favorelles, Speckled Sussex and  Welsummers



Everything is grown, raised or made from scratch on our farm in Sherman, Texas.



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