PMS Relief Signature Blend Essential Oil


Do you ever start your period and think...Well that explains a lot?  PMS Relief is our harmonizing blend of pure essential oils that is sure to set you back on the path of balance and serenity.  The unmistakably strong floral note of Rose Geranium is a big player in this blend.

Enjoy this oil with our personal clay diffuser pendant, or one of our DIY Aromatherapy Pillows (Coming Soon!) 

Essential oils are hyper concentrated essences of individual and unique plants and we do not recommend ingesting them.  Before applying to skin, dilute with a carrier oil such as Sweet Almond Oil and test on a small less sensitive area.  While this is a natural product, some people are sensitive to essential oils and could have an adverse reaction.  Please read the complete list of warnings below. 

If you are sensitive to particular oils and would like more information about this blend, please send an email to


Ingredients: 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend comprised of two or more 100% pure essential oils. 

15 ml/.5 oz  This bottle does not have a reducer or dropper. 

LOT #180605-ND17



Do not ingest.

Do not apply directly to skin. 

Keep away from babies, children and pets. 

Keep away from flame, and heat. Oils are  flammable.

If pregnant, breastfeeding or ill consult doctor before use.



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