Past, Present But Mostly Future

Rain Lilies was originally located in an adorable little shop in downtown Van Alstyne. There were big south windows facing the park, high tin ceilings and old wood floors, and a little kitchen in the back.  We had awesome community and customer support.  I loved making soap in the back, greeting people on the shop floor, teaching classes and hosting super fun events at the shop.  But then we started having a good (I guess) problem and I had to make some hard decisions.  We were growing so fast that I was finding myself snowed under with yucky administrative chores. Did I want to manage more employees?  Did I want to move to a bigger shop with a bigger kitchen? The answer was no, not really. What I really wanted to do was to keep making things and to talk one on one with my customers without being so distracted. So I packed it all up and moved.


What do we have to look forward too?  I’ve got so many projects in the works for this year that I just can’t stand it!  First out of the gate is a BRAND NEW WEBSITE!  That’s going to include a very active blog and discussion area. (Just because you can’t come in person doesn’t mean I don’t care!) And did you hear me mention a baby goat cam later this spring so you can be right here with us?


Rain Lilies is now located on our farm just south of Sherman, Texas.  It just makes so much sense. I make everything here full time and I can pop out and check on the goats during kidding season, or take advantage of a sunny day to work in the garden. I can stay up till MIDNIGHT making bath bombs if I feel like it! Every Saturday I set up my booth at the  McKinney Farmers Market where I can talk face to face with my customers and listen to all their great ideas and suggestions.  


Locally we’ll be participating in a new farm tour program with our farmers market this summer. That will morph into even more events on the farm. I plan on teaching soap classes again and hopefully bring in other farm experts to teach us what they know.  I want to have you out when the baby goats are born and then to take walks with our herd lead by our bellwether Annabel.  Like pretty country drives?  You’ll be able to head out to our farm wagon Soap Stand to sniff and buy your favorites.  It will be fun to look back at this list in 2021… here’s hoping that I get it all done!

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