My Macrame Maker Space

I'm a fan of the 360 spin

because it can be really difficult to post while I’m right in the middle of setting up my booth for the farmers market or making soap or starting any other project. That is why you will see them time to time on my facebook or instagram. It is a fun way to see things through my eyes just like you were there, and its a no brainer to make.  

Today is a perfect day for macrame.  It is winter in February, raining and supposedly turning to ice and maybe snow later.  Paul took care of all the farm animals this morning before leaving for work and I got the whole place to myself.  I set up my little maker environment with peaceful sounds, smell, taste and feel to be as condusive as possible for creativity.  I am a good multitasker when I know what I’m doing, but when I’m making up something entirely new I like to be as free from distractions as possible.

I included pictures and a link below for the Meditation Macrame bracelets that I finished up last week. They feature beeswax rubbed hemp, six millimeter gemstones and two lava beads to drip synergy oils on to.  Just like my maker space, I like my bracelets to imbue a sense of peace and earthiness through the materials I use and the use of smell.   

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn
Hal Borland

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