Just call me Trudy

We’ve got new people stopping in to say hi so I thought I would reintroduce myself. I am the one that makes your soap and the one who will talk your ear off about goats and gardening at the markets. I answer your emails, milk the goats, develop recipes (test them on family šŸ˜‚) cook up the good stuff, clean it all up afterwards, try to make cute labels on the computer and package it all up. My latest scheme involves trying to teach myself WordPress via youtube and prepping the garden to make smudge sticks this spring. (SOOOO excited about that last one!) 

Now to get to the nitty gritty…

I was born in ’67 and am most definitely a Virgo.  My favorite music is almost everything I heard and saw on MTV in the early 80s – David Bowie, Queen, Journey, Chicago. I was a band kid (clarinet) back then and usually had my nose stuck in a book. I’ve been married to the same guy since 1987 and I’m continually surprised that with every new plan or idea I throw at him, he still responds with…Let’s do it! 

We’ve got four kids who you will sometimes find helping at the markets or answering my emergency calls for HELP when I start to get behind. (I guess that home schooling didn’t scar anyone too bad! ) Beth is fluent in Spanish and she and her husband Adam are middle school teachers. Nate and his wife Rebecca (we have the same birthday Sept. 18!) are also teachers and we love going on drives together in our old Miatas NAs. Savannah is finishing up pharmacy school this year and knows how to whip up a mean bath bomb. Our baby Jessamyn just finished up her degree at UTD and is proud mamma to two kitties and three guinea pigs. We’ve added two grandkids, Darcey and Ronan, but if you hang around here for long you’ll soon know all about them!

First thing you’ll notice about me is that I don’t sit still for long.

If I don’t have a project going then I am not a happy person. What Iā€™d like you to know is that everything thing that I make…the goats milk soap, the bombs, the pillows, and even the synergy oils that I have whipped up is all done from a place of contentment and love and satisfaction. When my chicks all flew the nest I pondered what to do. I knew that I had been practicing for years and it was time to turn it all into a business. Milking goats, tending gardens and working with bees have all melded together for me into a wonderful occupation. Being a Virgo is what drives me to make every new recipe a bajillion times before it is ready for you, and offering up only the most beautiful and most perfect of what I make.

So what could make things even better?

I’ve discovered that I’m not the introvert that I always thought I was. I absolutely adore going to the market every Saturday morning. I love seeing my regulars, finding out what is going on in their lives and listening to all of their highs and lows…and then hearing that I was missed and asked about when I was out with the flu. I’m hoping with this new blog that I can extend our little community even further. Please use the comment section to share with me. I will unashamedly admit that I get my best ideas from you, but I also like to dream vicariously. So if you’re living your best life in another place doing the farm thing, or something totally different, well I want to know all about it!

Nate, Rebecca, Paul, Darcey, Trudy, Savannah, Beth and Adam
(Missing Jessamyn and Ronan)

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