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rain Lilies: Reimagined

If I learned anything in 2020, it's focusing my time where it matters.

Now, I prioritize creativity over consumerism. I let the creative energies lead me and forget all about the running-a-business side of things.

Tru and Lily… Spending time where it matters!

You don't wanna miss OUR WELCOME FALL EVENT!

8a-8p CST

What is a Pop Up Shop, Anyway?

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Check your inbox for live updates about my handcraft small batches of aromatherapy collections. Each month features a different inspiration.
There are immense advantages to shopping early and often. To keep the vibe of an early morning at the farmer's market, we often reward the first buyers with a special gift.

(Psst- don't tell anyone, but I've got grand plans for a 'secret event calendar' for frequent flyers.)

Tru Says:

” I channel my inspiration into aromatherapy collections that I absolutely love.

As a naturalist, I thrive on waxing and waning energies.  By promoting our collections as they come and go, I spend less on business and more on life.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting our family-owned farm and business.”

– Tru West