About Rain Lilies

This is me Tru West  and I make goats milk soap.  I make GREAT goats milk soap. That’s how it started anyway and now I also make great bath and shower bombs, microwaveable aromatherapy pillows (with a lovely partner),  gemstone diffuser jewelry and bottle up my own specially created synergy blends.

One of theses days soon we will be looking into offering soap making classes again YAY!!! In a new program called TEACH YOU TEACH ME, I hope to bring in local subject matter experts to demonstrate all sorts of farm and homesteading skills. You never really know what experts there are in your area and it is super fun discovering these skilled folks! 

COVID UPDATE!  I am not currently doing any in person events,  and BOY and I am  missing all of our friends at the farmers markets, Vintage Market Days, The Garden Show and more. Without that interaction I find it hard to focus on what to make for whom? I guess it goes to show exactly who was benefiting from this relationship!  I will continue my work on the farm and making our goats milk soap along with our other products which I will offer on this website.  

I have a lot of hope for this vaccine, but in the meantime I wish you GOOD HEALTH and lots of grace to get through this unprecedented time.

What are we looking forward to in 2021??  Baby goats are coming this April and that means fresh milk, new recipes and late nights!  Spring is always a wonderful time of year on the farm and it’s when I get to practice my multitasking skills the most. Fortunately daylight will be getting longer because in addition to baby goats, the honeybees will need to be tended before going into the big honey flow season, and our last frost date will be coming up so that means its time to put in the garden…Whew!  So until then I’ll just be starting seeds, cleaning out kidding stalls and repairing bee equipment.  Just in case that isn’t enough I’m wondering if we need to add to our laying flock and perhaps even getting a family cow.  It is NEVER boring on the farm!


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