About Rain Lilies

This is me Tru West  and I make goats milk soap.  I make GREAT goats milk soap. That’s how it started anyway and now I also make great bath and shower bombs, microwaveable aromatherapy pillows (with a lovely partner),  gemstone diffuser jewelry and bottle up my own specially created synergy blends.

Fall 2022 Update!  FLASH SALES!!! its new thing and its a GOOD thing at Rain Lilies! 

Boy does this ever work with my work vibe. I’ll be making something new and great and I’m going to put it out to you directly in your email box. It will be limited quantity and available for just a short window so you can JUMP on it!  If this is the synergy you are looking for be sure you are on our email list.

What are we looking forward to in 2022/2023??

Getting out of this goldurn drought and heat wave!  With average summer highs of 96, we’ve gotten to enjoy 105 most of July and into August this year. I’m hoping to see that break soon and we are praying for moisture. Meanwhile the goats and the furry livestock dogs are heartily sick of this weather!


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