About Rain Lilies

This is me Tru West  and I make goats milk soap 

I make GREAT goats milk soap. That’s how it started anyway and now I also make great bath and shower bombs, microwaveable aromatherapy pillows (with a lovely partner),  gemstone diffuser jewelry and bottle up my own specially created synergy blends.

Summer 2022 broke the books (again)

We made it through the drought, barely,  and said good-bye to 105 degree days.  Thank you 3-peat La Nina (eyeroll!)  Meanwhile I have fingers crossed that we aren’t repeating our 2020 winter with our unseasonably early freezes.  I was worried if the pumpkins would even make it to the pumpkin pie stage, but we squeaked by!

The  Pop-Up Shop model has been a huge success and I will keep it going for 2023 !

Your response has been AWESOME and I’m convinced this is how I can deliver my best hand made goods to you. 

The farm dictates the season and the reason. 

I listen and create and make and deliver to you. 

Your enthusiasm is a HUGE motivator, and I love trying to impress you more every time I open a new Pop-Up!

January 2023 is loading… 

On the home front,  I’ve got lots of fun winter baking to do and that includes the special Facial Bars that I am cooking up for our January shop. 

Self-care is the theme and my goal is to pamper our delicate winter skin with some de-LUXE goodies.

Thank You for a Great 2022!