A day in my life…sort of

Starting a new blog is scary

so to get over the hump I’m going to jump right in. Hopefully the more I write the more I’ll find my voice and and it will coalesce into a beautiful cohesive story.  Not really… more likely we’ll have a random but beautiful mess right here.  I CAN focus through a task but I much prefer to flit from thing to thing like a hummingbird.  I think it works for me. After all  farmers of the past didn’t have the luxury of focusing on a single crop, they had to multitask to survive.  Did you like how I just did that?

Onward now and enjoy today’s experiment in short related video clips and the mushed up sandwich story that I created just for you!

Ronan in all of his 13 month old red-headed glory. Doesn’t that face spell trouble with a capital T!

Tuesday is usually my day to watch him but he is at his other grandparents all day.  I am going to indulge in some quiet time to slow down, focus on new projects and just let the ideas flow today IF  the wifi will cooperate!

But first chores…


We have a rare snow and ice event forecasted for tomorrow and I want to make sure that everyone is tucked in warmly in their pens. These girls were corralled by themselves to get extra feed and loving care. They are Lily, Artemesia and Primrose.  The first two have been bred (hopefully) to kid in May and will be first time fresheners. Prim is a little ragged from nursing her twins and needs special attention. 


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will have seen a lot of posts about our honeybees last year.  My son and I added two new nucs last spring and his box is doing quite a bit better than mine.  I will probably requeen this year.  What is a Nuc?  It is short for Nucleus Colony and it is made up of three to five frames of brood, bees and a bred queen.  A good way to start a new colony for sure, but they are getting mucho expensive!

Chickens and the garden

Last video for this post and you get to hear me whining about the rain and mud again – Sorry!  If you know farmers then you’ll know how obsessed we are about the weather.  I might even dedicate a page on this website to weather observations…when I get EVERYTHING else checked off the list!

Are you chicken obsessed?  I love mine and right now this little flock of birds are all colored eggs layers.  I’ve got Black Copper Marans, Welsummers, Crested Cream Legbars and a trio of Mille Fleur in this video.  In other areas I’ve got a trio of Buff Brahma hens (so sweet!) a pair of bantam cochins for the grandkids to tote around and a single white crested polish who is nervous.  This spring I’ve reserved a trio of Sebastopol geese and I just can’t wait!  They will look so cute with flower crowns and wreathes around their necks.  If you are into that kind of thing you really need to check out the Instagram page @wildfeather farm.  She’s from Austin and her pictures are simply gorgeous!

Thanks for reading to the very end and putting up with my experimentation in short video clips today.  I’m not sure if I’ll do it again unless you really really like it.  Be sure to comment and let me know. 

Ta-Ta for now!


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