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It has been said that a wash of marigold water rubbed around the eyes can bestow the ability to see faery



Metaphysical Musings

I always get such a charge this time of year – but never have I felt so much joy as when Spring finally arrived in 2021!  To emerge into the light and warmth after this past year is truly magical. My heart has started to rally again and I hope yours has too.

Now more than ever I understand the value of experiencing the magic of our world. My batteries are recharged every time I walk into the garden, or spend time with my animals. I feel balance when I search for the moon in the night sky, or scour the earth for interesting rocks and plants. When I look past the veil of my habits and routines I can feel the magic around me… 

Our business, like many, was upended by the pandemic. We lost momentum and it was challenging to find our way. Now after a year of total weirdness Rain Lilies will undergoing a metamorphosis. Rain Lilies 2.0 will be everything we are now but through a magical lens that strips away the mundane and exposes the arcane. 

I will be gearing back up this month with some of your favorite soaps and bath bombs plus I will be adding new products to help us connect with Nature including salts, herbs, crystals, candles and other special goodies. Rain Lilies will still be your special handmade shop but now with a little added magic!

naturally made on the farm

My Art (My Craft)


"Crystal Clarity"


"Sacred Serenity"

IMG_0147-compressed 2

"Story to Tell"

Four Thieves Goat Milk Soap

germ Crusher"


"Gift Of the Bees"


"a stolen Moment"


"Special Symmetry"

Cactus Jack

"Herbal Solution"


"A Better Shave""



positive review  AMAZING products! I've had a skin condition for over a year now that my doctors have treated with oral antibiotics and steroid creams. Literally after using their products one time my skin looks better than it has in a very long time. They've won a customer for life!!!!

Christie Compton Avatar Christie Compton
April 17, 2016


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